Lebanese Tabouleh

45 minutes    Middle Eastern

Lebanese Tabouleh The recipe Lebanese Tabouleh is ready in around 45 minutes and is definitely a tremendous vegan option for lovers of middl eastern food. For $4.07 per serving, you get a side dish that serves 2. One serving contains 241 calories, 6g of protein, and 15g of fat. 3 people have made this recipe and would make it again. If you have roma tomatoes, juice from lemon, olive oil, and a few other ingredients on hand, you can make it. All things considered, we decided this recipe deserves a spoonacular score of 95%. This score is outstanding. Try Tabouleh (Raw), Tabouleh, and Quinoa Tabouleh for similar recipes.

Lebanese Tabouleh Instructions

  1. Remove stems from parsley and mint. Rinse leaves in a colander. Pat dry with paper towel.
  2. In a food processor pulse parsley and mint until finely chopped. Transfer to a large mixing bowl.
  3. Add green onions, tomatoes and bulgur wheat; stir to combine.
  4. Toss with lemon juice and olive oil. Refrigerate for an hour before serving.
  5. Serve on its own or with pita bread
  6. Serves 2

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