18 Ιουνίου
2015, 9:30 π.μ.
Ζάππειο Μέγαρο

Επιχειρηματικό Συμβούλιο της Αθήνας:
μαζί την τοπική

Ms. Yael Enoch-Maoz,
Senior Project Manager,
Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality


Originally from Tel Aviv Yafo, Yael has an MA in public policy from the Tel Aviv University. She had been the director of a rape crisis center, a manager of an alternative medicine school and an English high school teacher.

Yael has been a senior project manager for Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality International Unit since 2007. Yael is the Liason person between the Embassies and their diplomats and the Tel Aviv Yafo Municipality specifically cultural co-operations. She is also responsible for the relationship of Tel Aviv Yafo and its partner cities: Beijing, Yokohama, Incheon, Warsaw, Lodze, Milan, Thessaloniki.

Yael is a mother of 2 and enjoys reading, traveling, aerial silks (acrobatics), wave surfing, and running.