18 Ιουνίου
2015, 9:30 π.μ.
Ζάππειο Μέγαρο

Επιχειρηματικό Συμβούλιο της Αθήνας:
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Rik Bleeker Engels,
General Manager for External Relations, City of Amsterdam


Rik Bleeker has studied HRM at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and sociology at the University of Amsterdam. He also participated in a strategic HRM course at Harvard Business School. Rik Bleeker has worked at the HRM department of Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce, where he was the manager of HRM, legal Services, Qualilty-management and member Management Team. In 2005 Rik Bleeker became the director of the Amsterdam Knowledge Network Foundation.The Amsterdam Knowledge Network Foundation formed a distinguished, overarching knowledge network in the Amsterdam region, to strengthen and make better use of the knowledge infrastructure. The network included a wide variety of entrepreneurs, lecturers and researchers at knowledge and educational institutes administrators and policy officials of regional and provincial government authorities and organizations.

In 2012 the Amsterdam Knowledge Network Foundation integrated with the Amsterdam Economic Board. As a General Manager at the Amsterdam Economic Board, Rik Bleeker is responsible for the external relations, communication and the network activities.

The Amsterdam Economic Board under the auspices of leading CEOs, scientists and public administrators from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area strives to stimulate and support sustainable collaboration, innovation and growth in the region and strengthen international competitiveness.